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June 25th, 2012 by alyx · No Comments · fail

Dunno about you guys, but I woke up to a tropical storm today and I thought that was pretty horrible. But this poor girl apparently awoke a couple days ago to find that an angry mob thought she was a bank, and not just any bank but NatWest – whose massive IT glitch that has caused a week of account errors after a failed software upgrade was probably worthy of its own failboat had I been paying more attention.

But back to Natalie Westerman. Her Twitter handle’s @natwest, which is probably the first thing you’d type when looking for NatWest if you were too lazy to actually check. But that’s also her name, and she’s been using social media longer than the aforementioned financial institution. Amazingly, though, Tweeps seem to not believe her:

Miss Westerman’s Twitter biography says “I am a 22 year old woman and I’m not a bank” but that hasn’t stopped users of the social network from angry NatWest customers hit by the computer problem that has now entered its seventh day.

Many NatWest customers have been left unable to access internet banking, with money disappearing from bank accounts or not being paid in. Miss Westerman has greeted their often abusive Twitter messages with good humour. She tweeted: “I’ve never felt so popular in my life. I am a person called nat west not a bank.” Miss Westerman has been directing customers to NatWest’s official Twitter account, @natwest_help.

Poor girl is getting berated and all sorts of nonsense. Of course, the actual @natwest_help account has only been posting platitudes and not even bothering to engage with customers, so maybe they’d do well to hire Nat West to help out with that – instead of opening bank branches on Sunday and forcing customers to take time out of their weekends to physically go in and rectify the bank’s mistakes.

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