So This Happened…

September 27th, 2011 by Jason · 5 Comments · bartertown, loller euro, markets

A ray of sunshine appeared on the BBC yesterday and made a case that the Eurozone rescue plan will fix everything, except he really did the opposite of that and Europe is going to go full Bartertown within a year.


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  • C.OBrien

    My wife thought i was going mad when i talked like this (for the last 18 months) now she knows i am not alone, honest guy we need more like him.

  • baychev

    What is the ‘Euro Market’ this American guy is talking about?

  • jesse

    Would you buy a timeshare from that guy? I would! Timeshares are awesome.

  • wild

    this guys a trader & ummmm ya, he haz US bonds & securities he wants to sell you in a big way, and ohhhhhh ya get em now before the depression hits…hahahaha rofl!!


  • Sally

    Was he drunk when he’s telling the truth like this on TV?? I mean, everyone on the Wall Street knows it but wouldn’t say it out LOUD.

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