Sunday Night Links: Linkedin, Yandex, Nose Candy

May 22nd, 2011 by alyx · No Comments · links

Links! Been a while since we did a roundup (sorry, I know, worst blogger ever). But without further ado…

- There’s been much flap this week about the LinkedIn ($LNKD) IPO, and whether or not the company got “ripped off”, the exact quantity of German performance cars being procured in Silicon Valley this weekend as shares were sold off, etc. Props to The Epicurean Dealmaker for summing it all up as such:

“Frankly, I have always suspected that the stentorious outrage about special favors and secret deals investment banks allegedly dispense on IPOs really boils down to simple envy. Nine times out of ten, I suspect the person whinging is just pissed off he did not get shares in a hot IPO himself.”

Or, as we might say around here, haters gonna hate.

- The Reformed Broker finds that the most hilarious risk factor for the Yandex IPO is, well, that in Soviet Russia, government divests you, anytime it feels like it.

- Earlier this week, in the European markets, we noticed that Greece took a page from Rebecca Black: Friday, Friday, their rating went down to B+ on Friday. (Which seat should they take? Any of them, provided it’s on the failboat.)

- Ann Taylor ($ANN) recently indicated they’re bullish about Q2. So I went to the mall this weekend and did some research.

- Finally, if you’re wondering what the life of a Brach’s heiress is like, it seems to involve rural Montana, horses and a lot of nose candy. (via TakeAReport)

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