Senator Christine Radgono Quotes Wu-Tang Financial Advice

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Wu-Tang Fiunancial Advice

A funny thing happened on the Illinois statehouse floor – Republican Senator Christine Radgono quoted some Wu-Tang financial advice – specifically, advice from the always trustworthy rapper Raekwon. Here’s the vid:

Some of you may know that last night, Raekwon from the Wu-Tang Clan was in town
And I got some financial advice from him which I would like to share with all of you, because it does seem quite relevant:

“The most precious thing in the world is the financial security and well being of your family
You want to send your little ones to the best school, and in the end, you want to know you left them with peace of mind
nowadays we all know that cash rules everything around us
Cream. Get the money! Dollar dollar bill, y’all!”

This quote is from the hilarious skit from the Dave Chapelle show, where Wu-Tang Financial helps families to “diversify their bonds”, among other things:In case you were wondering, the Wu-Tang song title C.R.E.A.M. is short for “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”

Remember: Christine Radgono ain’t no-one to f*** wit!

If Republicans are upset that Obama invites rapper Common to the White House, what will they say about a Republican Senator quoting Wu-Tang? Nothing, that’s what.

Remember: C.R.E.A.M.