Jobs Update: It’s A McBrawl Out There

April 20th, 2011 by alyx · 3 Comments · breaking news

There are jobs I might fight for. You know, the ones with a high salary, ridiculous perks or maybe both of those things. (Offer me six figures and a miniature giraffe, and I’ll do pretty much anything – produce the giraffe, and we can start the negotiation from there.) And then there are the jobs for which I might be less inclined to throw a punch, and working at McDonalds probably falls into that category. Not so for these upstanding Cleveland citizens, where a fight that started in the job application line culminated with four people getting run over:

Four people were injured in a melee Tuesday outside the McDonald’s restaurant at 10411 St. Clair Ave., where managers were handing out job applications.

Officers were told that two women had arrived at the McDonald’s in a silver Infiniti and joined another group of women standing in line to seek employment.

An argument turned physical, then the two women got back into their car. The driver opened her door, put the car in reverse and hit the gas. The door struck four people as she drove out of the lot, Sgt. Sammy Morris said.

What’s that, you say – you want video? Yes, there’s video (be sure you are signed into YouTube or it won’t play for you):

Really. Running people over for a job at Mickey D’s. It’s a cold world out there.

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