How Goes The Borders Liquidation?

April 10th, 2011 by alyx · 7 Comments · breaking news, retail

“95% off” is the new “going rogue.”

Borders, as part of its bankruptcy filing, announced it was closing numerous stores and began the liquidation process in mid-February. With most of those sales coming to a close and the prices thus reaching rock bottom, we thought you might like to know what products you can still get deals on. The answer is: apparently not much other than Sarah Palin’s “America By Heart,” available in bulk for $0.99 a copy.

(h/t to Amber, who powers CW Albany’s Deal Diary with aplomb)

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  • jesspgh

    Legit lol.

    Thanks for this! I might check out my local store to see if there are any other funny stockpiles.

  • alyx

    The Borders by my office is staying in business or I’d be all over it tomorrow. I was LOL almost as hard at this pic as I would have been had I walked into a Blockbuster during its last days and found that nothing but mountains of “Howard the Duck” and “Freddy Got Fingered” were left.

  • Andrew

    Does it come in roll format?

  • alyx

    Bundling it for kindling might also help move a few additional units.

  • Clive

    They could send them to Fukushima evacuees, sort of like a morale boost. “you know what, Michiko-san” “no, what, Haruko-kun” “well, things could be worse. At least that Palin woman isn’t here… telling us to go and hunt moose or somthing.”

  • lavacake

    “Bundling it for kindling might also help move a few additional units.”

    They should donate them to the homeless so they can burn them to stay warm. It’s the only time the homeless will get any warmth out of Palin. And Borders could get a charitable tax deduction.

  • triozyg

    I’m such a nerd I read “bundling for kindling” as putting them on a kindle — and I was like — wah?

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