Tis The Season: The Gift of Links

December 27th, 2010 by alyx · 2 Comments · links

- Crocheted Olek wanted to make sure the Wall Street bull had a nice warm blankie for the blizzard.

- Hoping to register “BrianMoynihanBlows.com, BrianMoynihanSucks.com, BrianTMoynihanBlows.com, and BrianTMoynihanSucks.com” and do a little hazing of Bank of America? You’re out of luck: Bank of America owns all of those, and countless others (h/t TonyS). Not sure how this is going to stop anyone from saying that Brian Moynihan sucks, so, great use of shareholder moneys, y’all.

- Even the gingerbread houses are getting foreclosed on

- TRB’s top ten financial feuds of 2010

- Did you know that the mood of the Twit-o-sphere is an accurate bellwether of stock market performance? (h/t TakeAReport) And here I thought it was only good for keeping tabs on Justin Bieber’s haircut.

- Really, Americans, did you let a little thing like a snowstorm stop you from doing what you’re supposed to do, which is buying stuff?

- No warfare like class warfare: the battle to develop St. Barths. For all the uproar you’d think they wanted to build a 5000 unit timeshare or something. An eco-resort? Quel horreurs!

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  • lavacake

    Ha ha…BofA has a war room. I think it’s funny that instead of hiring people to help them clean up their act, they’re willing to spend even more to avoid cleaning up their act.


  • TonyS

    LOL new business model:

    1: Buy stuff like “BoASucksDonkeyBalls.com” until you run out of money.

    2: Tell BoA we’ll either sell them the domain (at a wildly inflated price) or if they refuse then that site will contain a mirror of the WikiLeaks BoA documents once they arrive.

    3: Celebrate with a dinner at Outback Steakhouse.

    4: Profit!!!!

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