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October 19th, 2010 by alyx · 1 Comment · links

- How can you tell when a CEO is lying? I thought it was just a logical inference to make whenever their mouths are moving, but NPR has a few other tips

- Left is right, up is down, cats and dogs are living together and the market has been going up over the last few months while money has been flowing out. Makes as much sense as anything else these days.

- From the class warfare department: Long champagne, German cars, tartans (h/t TakeAReport)

- The Reformed Broker (also known as The J-Woww of China) on how to do a Chinese IPO.

- Tiny Goldman Sachs is tiny! (h/t WallStreetFighter)

- Finally – be sure to vote for The Rent Is Too Damn High Party this year. I should’ve married a shoe:

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  • Jason

    Yes, but then your name would have been Alyx Adidas and that is just ridiculous.

    If that guy wins I hope he makes Civil War beards mandatory for all men of age in New York state.

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