Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye

September 21st, 2010 by Jason · 11 Comments · breaking news, win

And a great cheer went up all ’round the nation as economic adviser and alleged human Larry Summers announces his plans to step down. Speaking about his decision, Summers cited his great success in nearly ruining capitalism for a second time, and plans to return to Harvard at the end of the year. This is approximately two years too late.

Rumors were circulating this week regarding Summers’ imminent departure, along with that of fellow failure Tim Geithner. We’re not sure we have enough champagne to properly celebrate Timmay’s leaving, but if that rumor plays out, we’re sure we’ll make do somehow.

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  • Alyx

    You mean I’ve gotta get off my duff and put not one but possibly even two more X’s into the picture in the site header?

  • Jason

    I look forward to the day when the header image is just one big red strikethrough.

  • Alyx

    BG just reminded me that if you wanna get technical, Greenspan should have an X too. So Summers + Geithner would put us more than halfway there.

  • Jason

    Who woulda thought Bandit and Baldy would be the last men standing?

  • fatcity

    nice. lolfed goes triple x

  • Jason

    We always knew we’d have to if we wanted this site to turn a profit.

  • 'mouse

    I tuned in special this morning because I needed the closure of seeing the final, official Blockbuster failboat. But no ship was to be found. (sadface)

  • Jason

    So sick of Blockbuster. They’re like a girl you ask out, and she says maybe some other time, every time you ask. You get excited every time the day you finally go out gets near, only to have her postpone on you again. This goes on for years. Eventually you just don’t even care if you ever go out with her anymore. You pass the stage of hoping she has a happy life with someone, and you reach the point where you actively hope she remains single and miserable forever, even though you never want to think about her again.

    That’s where I am with Blockbuster. I hope they fail, but only if they fail in utter obscurity.

  • Alyx

    Hahaha, what Jason said.

    I almost posted Blockbuster but then I saw it was chapter 11 and I just got really annoyed. They don’t get a failboat until it’s time for chapter 7.

  • Sally

    Timmay can stay, you can’t really blame a man for having a face that doesn’t have the look of accountability.

  • mr3

    Of course not, can’t blame a guy for not looking accountable. Can’t blame a guy for not cutting the GS/AIG strings he attached to every part of his body either I guess.

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