Vanilla Ice Now Flipping Houses

September 4th, 2010 by alyx · 3 Comments · breaking news, subprime

From the “Where are they now?” department… here’s a tidbit on Robert Van Winkle, better known by his nom de microphone, Vanilla Ice. I erroneously read this headline at first as “Is Vanilla Ice the next Ty Willingham” and thought he had been recruited to coach Notre Dame football, but that’s not the case. He’s getting a show on HGTV, and you can watch him attempt to flip a house:

Slated for Oct. 14, The Vanilla Ice Project follows Van Winkle and a crew of friends and home improvement professionals as they renovate a 7,000-square-foot house in the Versailles community, one that had been “trashed” by its previous owner, he says. “Everything was missing, from the floor to the ceiling. They took everything – the crown molding, the flooring – yes, even the kitchen sink!” he says. “It was depressing to see a fairly new house be ravaged But I love Palm Beach County. This is my area.”

The article goes further into the problems with the home he’s rehabbing. Not only were all the appliances yanked out, but someone DRYWALLED OVER THE HOME THEATER. Quel horreurs! So what other calamaties have befallen his “area” in the PBC?

Of course, this now- sparkling six-bedroom, five-bathroom home isn’t the only one in Versailles with a troubled history. The community, whose huge structures once sold in the multiple millions, was the subject of a very public scandal involving mortgage fraud and rampant flipping to collect money for houses the flippers should never have qualified for in the first place. Versailles needed a hero.

It needed Vanilla Ice.

Yeah, VANILLA ICE SAVES VERSAILLES was nearly the title of this post. But I was kind of afraid the ghost of Louis-Philippe would come kick my ass and/or steal my fainting couch, and I need that fainting couch.

By the way, in Florida, especially in South Florida, you could throw a rock and hit a community where huge structures sold in the multiple millions, were the subject of a very public scandal involving mortgage fraud/rampant flipping/poisoned drywall/multimillion dollar loans to people who worked the night shift at Denny’s/you name it. So if anyone is inspired by this story, come on down.

Also, I do have to say, it’s funny to hear him complaining about a house being trashed, as the only thing I remember him for other than “Ice Ice Baby” is when he trashed an MTV set with a baseball bat:

But, as always, I digress. We wish Mr. Van Winkle the best, though whether or not this will be a profit-making venture for him is questionable:

Once priced at more than $2.5 million, it was bought by Van Winkle for about $400,000 and cost about $300,000 to renovate. Van Winkle’s hoping to get somewhere in the six figures for it, selling it to a nice family that will take care of it and love Versailles as much as he and his family do.

$400K + $300K = $700K, and “somewhere in the six figures” is substantial wiggle room. But hey, they fixed the home theater, so let’s hope he can fetch the upper end of that ballpark figure.

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  • kayla van winkle

    I saw you on Leno a few nights ago and can’t wait to watch your show!!! Most of my family love shows like this and since we share the same last name …well that makes it even more special!!! Can’t say that the ability to flip houses run in our family tho. Wish it did!!! My Mr. Van Winkle is not too handy at home repairs, etc. Our little house is 35 years old and could use a lot of updating!!!! Well, just want to say “Good luck” and hope all goes well with your new show. If you are ever in Louisiana, look us up.

  • jj jarvis

    Just want to contact vanilla ice and work with him on renovating houses. I’m a huge fan of his. I was laid off like over a year as a jet mechanic. Worked on my house doing everything,lol. I like this work but want to work with the best. ~JJ

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