Quit Chase Bank, Get A Chicken Sandwich

July 15th, 2010 by alyx · 2 Comments · bitchfights, jamie dimon

I know, I know, this is my third post about sandwiches this week or something, but I wanted to tell everyone that The House of Dimon may be losing a few customers in the Seattle area today:

We just found out via the Twilight Exit facebook page that the bar/restaurant is offering a free dinner to anyone who closes an account at Chase Bank today.

It turns out Twilight owner Stephen Mollman has a mortgage through Chase and says the bank is penalizing him for paying his mortgage on time.

Steve’s serious, to the point where he says you can even come in and order the steak on the house if you give Chase Bank the heave-ho. I kind of want to call him and ask for more details but it’s 6:57AM in Seattle so I doubt he’d appreciate it.

There’s an outpouring of Chase haterade on the Twilight Exit’s facebook page, if you care to take a gander.

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  • Kevin Lagorio

    BRAVO! The people can execute change by dumping the too big to fail banks with their Enron style of accounting follies allowed by the various authorites. I left Bank of Aholes for a local credit union! That was the best move I ever made! Chase sent me the offer get $ 200, if you open an account with $2000! I did it for 30 days and closed the account taking the $200 as well! HA! HA! I probably pissed off Turbo Timmy and Jamie Diminshed! Helicopter Ben also looked like a dear in headlights during his testimony the other day and that was not a pretty sight! I guess the Aztecs were right about the end in 2012! That is the end of our financial system as we know it! I guess all of the banksters will take their money and get in their jets and fly to a remote island! Hopefully volcanic and active! Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it , like trying to get blood out of turnips which they are turning us all into! Killing their customers is really smart isn’t it. I like to make some money by setting up an ETF Fund SHORTING Obama! Why not the financial wizards are doing everything else imaginable in their Casino type of operations!

  • Laurie

    BOYCOTT JP MORGAN CHASE BANK -it’s the only way !!!

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