Recovery: BASF Sees It In Your Face

April 16th, 2010 by alyx · 2 Comments · retail

Tiffany killed it last month, LVMH killed it this week and now BASF thinks the cosmetics market is poised for a recovery (you know we wonder if this is on the strength of Pam Anderson and Heidi Montag alone):

BASF SE, a possible bidder for moisturizer-ingredients maker Cognis GmbH, said there are signs that demand for luxury cosmetics is improving, adding strength to a rebound in the $3.7 billion personal-care chemicals market.

“During last year, some premium products have been lower in demand, but there are signs that it’s recovering, that we are seeing growth in both sectors,” said Thomas Greindl, BASF’s European marketing director for care chemicals, in an interview.

Fun, fun.

Trader A: “So, what do you think is gonna be the next market to turn around?”
Trader B: “Your face! Haha!”

Looking at the acquisition target, Cognis does make some interesting products. Some, like “Lamesoft”, would need a name change before being marketed in the US, we think. Others, well, probably do have more universal appeal:

With “Mystical Aura” a conditioning spray giving her protective sheath, priestesses could have invited men into the temple of their virginity.

a) Fairly certain priestesses could’ve gotten men to hit that even if their hair was a rat’s nest; b) if it’s really that alluring, maybe BASF can spray some of this stuff on their debt and prevent a downgrade?

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