Weekend Links And POLL: A Tidy Cell For Dick Fuld?

March 13th, 2010 by alyx · 2 Comments · lehman brothers, links

Charlie Gasparino writes this weekend on why, despite the obvious shiftiness in the recent report on why Lehman Brothers failed, Dick Fuld will never have the shadow of the bars of a prison cell cast upon his face.


I won’t bother asking if you think there will be jail for Geithner, as we all know he’s above the law.

Other things worth reading today:

- TED’s Corporate Finance Bestiary.

- The Blogger Sentiment Indicator, via TheReformedBroker. No surprise: for the most part, bloggers are a contrarian indicator. (FWIW, we’re pretty much always negative over here whether the market is falling or rallying [on the strength of government intervention], because when you’re a snark factory that’s your stock-in-trade, and also why you should never ever take anything we say as trading advice. But you knew that.)

- $F rulz, $TM droolz (via TakeAReport)

- Top 100 jobs in America, which might be of interest to the three people in America who still have jobs, or the handful of others who are unemployed and haven’t given up hope yet. (Hey, I see something I held on this list! I was once a software product manager. And if that’s close to the best it gets… then I am pretty sure every job in America sucks.)

- Alternate health care bills from the Onion. We like this one: “Rep. Alan Grayson will personally punch in the face any insurance executive who turns down a valid claim.”

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  • lavacake

    Why do CEOs get paid obscene amounts of money when they just claim ignorance of whatever their company does?

  • Jason

    Not for nothing, but in my day job I’m a system engineer so all of you can suck my greatness.

    It’s also worth noting that I am not terribly fond of my career path and many days would rather be a goat farmer in some quaint European villa. But yeah, if this is the best job in America, I really hate it for the rest of you.

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