California $*$ Bans Swearing!

February 25th, 2010 by alyx · 11 Comments · fail

For ^#$#% real, Cali? A law against “cuss words”?

The state Assembly passed a resolution today making the first week of March “Cuss Free Week.” If approved by the state Senate, it will take effect immediately. While lawmakers acknowledge that there is no actual enforcement in the resolution, they say this will promote “greater harmony and connectedness” among citizens. Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, co-author of the measure, says “I’ve always wondered why we behave differently when grandma is watching than when we’re on our own.”

Two best things about this legislation:

1) It was lobbied for by a 16 year old. This tells you how easy it is to add more laws to the books in California.

2) There is no actual penalty; the swear jar is me taking the idea and running with it, because I’m waiting for them to start fining people for this as a means of fixing the budget. (If I lived in California, at a rate of $0.25 per f-bomb, they’d have their problems fixed in a week, give or take a few days…)

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