Unsurprisingly, It’s Hard Out There For A Madoff

December 28th, 2009 by alyx · 3 Comments · madoff


Bernie’s son Andy is apparently getting ready for it all to turn into The Road:

Andrew Madoff, 43, applied for a license to keep a handgun in his swanky Upper East Side pad more than six months ago — and his name appears on NYPD and state police lists of approved permit holders.

This despite Andrew’s allegedly punching out a former employee on the street and going through an ugly divorce.

A high-ranking NYPD insider said Andrew’s dust-up with ex-worker Reed Abend in January should have disqualified him.

There’s some debate – while the State Police say he’s on the roster, NYPD is less sure: “Asked about Madoff’s permit, the NYPD then said its records were wrong — that he applied but has not been approved.”

(Interestingly, NYPost reports Donald Trump is also packing heat.)

Jason and I spent some time a few days ago discussing whether or not Bernie Madoff really “fell outta bed” or whether some investor who still had a dime or two to rub together might have ordered a beatdown, so we do understand Andy’s paranoia, at least. That he applied for a license but noone knows for sure whether he is actually licensed or not probably says a lot more about bureaucracy in general than it does about Andrew Madoff.

And, of course – apologies for the lack of updates over the holiday. Among other distractions, a friend of your dear bloggers delivered a 7lb 1oz baby girl (O hai, Quinn!) on Christmas Day, and LoLo cooked up a really mean turducken, so we hope you understand.

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