IT’S A TARP! Troubled Asset Relief Program? O RLY?

September 24th, 2008 by alyx · 5 Comments · bailout



(h/t Thomas Avery)

The Fed’s Troubled Asset Relief Program is lucky enough to have “TARP” as its acronym, which reminds me of the thing that was thrown over my house by the Army Corps of Engineers after Hurricane Charley. Which wasn’t an actual fix, it was just intended to stop a few leaks til a shitload of money was ponied for a new roof.  Not really reassuring, guys.

ETA, a few posts on new Troubled Asset Relief Program action:

Neel Kashkari takes the helm at TARP

1,800 banks apply to the program

GM begs for funds, fails

Cuomo calls bonuses at firms receiving Troubled Asset Recovery Program funds illegal under NY law

Dana Perino wants the TARP funds lent out, already

If you can’t get any liquid out of TARP, try the CPFF

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